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Frances Richardson

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Winner 2017-2018

We are delighted to announce that Frances Richardson has won the 2017-2018 Mark Tanner Sculpture Award. Richardson wins £8,000 towards the production of new work over the coming year, towards a solo exhibition in 2018.

Richardson was selected from 232 applicants from across mainland UK, by a panel comprising British artist Alison Wilding RA, British Sculptor Denise de Cordova, Mark Tanner Sculpture Award winner 2016-17 Beth Collar, and MTSA trustee Rebecca Scott. There was an extremely strong shortlist of eight artists selected for interview. Shortlisted artists were Ana Cvorovic, Candida Powell Williams, Ella Golt, Freya Gable, Jamie George, Natalie Price Hafslund and Saelia Aparicio Torinos.  

Richardson lives and works in London. She has received a number of commissions and her work has been displayed in institutions in the UK and internationally, including Performed Object, commissioned work for Concrete Canvas, Trefforest Industrial Estate, Cardiff, 2016, Measure Gesture Form, Portland Art Museum, USA, 2016, Bermondsy Square Sculpture Commission, Vitrine Gallery, London, 2015, Still Now is the Forever, Hanover Project, UCLAN, Preston, 2015.

Richardson is interested in creating objects that operate in the gap between what we perceive as separated "real" and "imagined" space-time, in materials and forms that trigger intellectual and emotional responses. Richardson is attracted to the discarded object. Not having an identity, being unknown and not named, seems to embody a sense of freedom for her, but also risks being disregarded. Thus leading to an expression of loss and melancholia which is present in the work.

The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award is unique in its combination of offering both financial support towards the production of new work and a solo exhibition to an exceptional sculptor. We seek to reward outstanding and innovative practice in the field of sculpture and are particularly interested in work that demonstrates a commitment to process and materials.