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Head To Head: 4 Questions 8 Paintings

Phillip Allen
Mind gym sleepers
Estelle Thompson
Painting for D.A, V.A

Phillip Allen, Nicholas John Jones, Donal Moloney, Paulina Michnowska, Flore Nové-Josserand, Ivan Liotchev, Matthew Musgrave, Estelle Thompson

Exhibition:13 June - 19 July 2014

Painting remains popular, yet arguably, making and thinking about painting gets increasingly difficult; its conceptual avenues can seem depleted, overshadowed by pressures from an ever-busier world and seductive new technologies. But is this really the case or does the modern world present new roles and possibilities for painting - if so what are they? What drives so many artists to continue to paint?

HEAD TO HEAD takes on four questions important to the continuing progression of painting. In response to each, a 'pair' of works offers a differing avenue of approach. Standoffs, arguments, and flirty winks provoke a charged space to deliberate current issues in painting.

1) What is painting after the Internet - has it changed?

Artists: Paulina Michnowska - Flore Nové-Josserand

2) How has the exponential growth of image culture changed painting's engagement with depiction?

Artists: Matthew Musgrave - Donal Moloney

3) What are the building blocks of painting, and to what extent do painters feel the need to employ them to complete a painting?

Artists: Nicholas John Jones - Ivan Liotchev

4) Is there still merit in taking the act of painting itself as the prime subject - rather than using it as a means to illustrate an external concept?

Artists: Phillip Allen - Estelle Thompson

Alongside the exhibition, a limited edition hand screen-printed publication produced by JKL Books will feature four commissioned essays to provide further context for the exhibition. A panel discussion with exhibiting artists and invited scholars will be held in July to invite open debate of the issues at hand.

This exhibition and publication has been supported by Arts Council England.