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The Casual Gesture

Grégoire Motte Claudia Djabbari Luke McCreadie Bruce McLean Florian Meisenberg

Claudia Djabbari, Florian Meisenberg, Grégoire Motte, Laurence Payot, Philip Ewe, Luke McCreadie and Bruce McLean

Curated by Eye-Eye (Flore Nové-Josserand and Thorbjørn Andersen)

The casual gesture betrays a serendipitous state of mind, an offhand attitude.  Provocative in its disregard for conventions and formalities, the casual gesture, like throwing a coat over a chair, takes a chance, cuts loose and asserts its freedom in the face of no-nonsense living. “Nothing matters,” it says, “ha ha!”

It’s the light-touch, improvised solution to a material problem.
It’s a staging of the accidental.
It’s made up on the spot and coincidental, but seduces us into deeper layers of meaning.
It’s familiar, it draws us near, it shuns the formal awesomeness of laborious craft.
It pretends there is no cost involved.
It’s the swinging dinner party.