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No-one Lives in the Real World

Rachel Wilberforce Srinivas Surti Michaela Nettell Annabel Tilley David Kefford Evy Jokhova Rosalind Davis Sasha Bowles Timothy Shephard

Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis, Evy Jokhova, David Kefford, Michaela Nettell, Timothy Shepard, Srinivas Surti, Annabel Tilley and Rachel Wilberforce

Exhibition: 20 February - 22 March 2015

Curated by Annabel Tilley and Rosalind Davis, Zeitgeist Arts Projects

‘No-one (Freud announced) lives in the real world. We occupy a space of our own creation - a collage compounded of bits and pieces of actuality arranged into a design determined by our internal perceptions, our hopes, our fears, our anticipations.’  - W. Galin

No-one Lives in the Real World is an exhibition about incongruous spaces, absurd structures and fragile worlds featuring artists who share an affinity for the use of collage in their work – both the literal cutting out and sticking down or the re-assembling of elements from different times & contexts including art history, architecture, literature, nature & technology. Through the mediums of sculpture, drawing, painting, print, photography, video & installation we encounter conversations about imperfection, fragility and otherness.