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Megan Broadmeadow

A Corruption of Mass

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Exhibition

Exhibition: 28 April – 4 June 2016

Hi Jen, I recently had a dream (nightmare?)… I also think it has something to do with Bismuth. The dream I had was about a world like ours, I was in a large city there was a thunderstorm, the sky was grey and a large ship floated over the city. The city fell into chaos but what I remember mostly was the shape of the ship; it was a long square cylinder. When I woke I was interested in this ship so I started searching Google for objects or images that were similar to its shape. It also made a noise - I'm not sure if you have seen the movie 'Transcendence'?' The sound towards the end as the particles are rising up from the ground around the solar panels – that's the sound this ship made in my dream. I would really like to know if you have any more insight on this metal or have had any more dreams relating to it. :)-Thanks, Adam

Standpoint is proud to announce the thirteenth solo exhibition of an artist supported by the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award.

Drawing influence from the puzzling nature of the chemical element Bismuth, Megan Broadmeadow's exhibition is a visual and physical exploration of its complex fractal character, and its somehow overlooked placement in cultural history.

Megan's research has uncovered significant disparate histories and arcane uses for Bismuth, including its use as a shamanic tool providing a portal into other realms, its uniquely strong diamagnetic properties, and a particularly intriguing discovery at Roswell that suggests this curious element may yet provide the answer to unlocking the mystery of alien space travel.

Megan's installation seeks to provoke renewed interest in solving the many remaining puzzles and gaps in the record. Has information gone missing? Did the Aztecs base their temples on its pyramidal structure? Did the Greek's iconic key and wave patterns find their origin in the spiral at the heart of Bismuth? Does Trump Tower's strange geometry somehow allude to Bismuth, or to other kinds of corruption?

Taking as her starting point for the exhibition an obscure lecture by Linda Moulton Howe on the discovery of a controversial bismuth/magnesium layered metal, claimed as unknown to conventional science, Megan built a complex and disorienting series of sculptural installations and video projections, mirroring the potential for otherworldliness that this complex element exudes.