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Return of the Nullifiers

Alex Baker, Ole Hagen & Kit Poulson

Exhibition: 16 January – 13 February 2016

Three Dudmen, old friends, set off on a sea voyage in a boat with one oar. People watched them spiral round the harbour for a couple of days then left them to their circling. They were quickly forgotten.

Some years later in a dense fog the crew of a fishing boat heard arguing voices drifting across the water. They found the men in their tiny craft, and towed them home. The sun burnt away the fog and a strange cargo was revealed; a ball of tar and a tangle of sound.

They spoke to the crowd. They were no longer the Dudmen, they were the Nullifiers and they had a vision!

Their boat had sailed the inside of the globe and seen the negative underworld of all objects and beings, the void of things, the vacuum of ideas and the profoundly irrelevant. With new powers they knew that they could turn things inside out and present to the world the dark matter of substance itself.

Now the Nullifiers have set up their treasures from the un-world and will attempt to communicate their learning. They have broken open the great tar ball they rolled through the street, and inside, such wonders!

Dressed only in the rags of a story they present the artefacts and simulacra they have brought with them from the other side, turning all matter upside down and the wrong way round. They are lit by the dark light and they leak their craft into the gutters of the town.

Worldy seers or tattered oafs? Judge for yourselves.