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8 – 24 April 2021

View the exhibition here at Prick & Stitch

Standpoint Gallery presented the first collaborative exhibition by the newly formed Prick & Stitch Alliance.

Prick and Stitch was a collaborative project devised by artists Denise de Cordova and Kate Davis. The project developed out of on-going conversations exploring notions of pricking and stitching as common processes present in their respective works. TOGETHER IT SEAMS was the first manifestation of the project and part of the Royal College of Art’s Sculpture programme’s annual Festus event.

TOGETHER IT SEAMS showcased new work produced by the Prick & Stitch Alliance, formed between sculpture students, tutors and invited guest artists during a virtual residency at Standpoint. The alliance worked together over an intensive week of talks, workshops and surgeries, which presented and explored ideas around an expanded and reflective understanding of the notions of Prick and Stitch. The sharing of skills and concepts became a core part of the collaboration.

Traversing sculpture, fabric banners, video and print, TOGETHER IT SEAMS zoomed in on the processes of pricking and stitching, and its thematic qualities. The actions of pricking paper or of stitching fabric together recall reparative and destructive actions - bringing together or pulling apart - gathering or discerning.

PRICK & STITCH ALLIANCE: Sarra Badel, Camilla Bliss, Abi Braley, Lydia Brockless, Ruofan Chen, Ines Coelho da Silva, Kimberley Atoyne Cokey-Gam, Taylor Davies-King, Kate Davis, Denise de Cordova, Hannah Dinsdale with Simon Roth, Jenna Fox, Jasper Garvida, Sophie Giller, Clare Hope Holdstock, Millie Laing-Tate, RedBlack Lawrence, Ruocong Ma, Nicholas McArthur, Snyder Moreno Martín, Abigail Norris, Sojung Park, Maria Antonia Positano de Vincentiis, Paloma Proudfoot, Celia Pym, Albeiro Rojas Tomedes, Jakob Rowlinson, Divya Sharma, Nicola Tassie, Margo Trushina, Ben Williams, Ramona Woodruff, Woonhae Yea, Yue Zheng and Yuan Zhuang.