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Standpoint Residency Presentation
Curated by Ashley John

Exhibition: 4-13 February 2022

‘With Woodchip On The Walls’

In such transient and distorted times, the idea of ‘home’ can offer a semblance of solace in whatever form it manifests. Never has domesticity seemed so appealing; especially when backlit by the glow of a sunrise from an uncertain future. Conventional objects become loaded with the weight of our attributed wholesomeness.

With abstracted and playful snippets of the everyday P_E_A_K_A_Y subtly explored one of the most common tensions of modern life in the UK. Ownership and permanence of place were readily dissected within the various prints, paintings and sculptures created within their three-month residency at Standpoint gallery. Hurriedly opened and extracted like a stolen sauce sachet. Rhythms of nostalgia were played out through depictions of imagined spaces and household items.

Familiarity such as the click of a light switch or boiling of a kettle, far from breeding contempt; the regularity in fact offers tiny assurances of security against our frequently chaotic daily lives.

Standpoint residencies facilitate artist development and enable the production of new work in a supportive environment, encouraging artistic exchange and collective working. The residencies are designed to be flexible and responsive to the project, needs and desired outcomes of individual participants.

p_e_a_k_a_y_  was a collaboration between artists Paul Wardski and Klara Vith.