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Victoria Rance

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2003-4

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Show

Exhibition: 16 September – 22 October 2004

Standpoint Gallery's exhibition by sculptor Victoria Rance showed works have were made over the duration of one year with the support of the annual Mark Tanner Sculpture Award, and were specially created for the Standpoint Gallery space.

Typical to Rance's practice, the new works were instilled with a sense of order and spirituality. She is known for making pieces that draw on sources such as constructivist sculpture, religious architecture/artefacts and that respond to the human scale.

The main themes of the new sculptures originated from a series of vivid dreams. Victoria sought out forms and materials that had an affinity with the dream imagery and reflected childhood memories of a fairy tale. Influences that have shaped the work include a South Korean water wheel and the dome of the Viennese Secession building.

Throughout the year, Rance explored themes through making, combining an intuitive approach with her skills and experience. This resulted in a collection of striking works that manipulated ordered and patterned spaces to suggest shelter and protection. The sculptures invite the viewer to interact with them or enter them, either physically or imaginatively, enticing one into an intimate and playful dialogue.