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Kevin Osmond

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award 2005-6

Mark Tanner Sculpture Award Show

Exhibition: 15 September – 21 October 2006

Osmond's new series of sculptural compositions are inspired by 'scapes' - landscapes, cloudscapes, dreamscapes or starscapes - made from everyday components and throwaway items that in actuality imperil these environments. They provide escape routes from everyday consumer culture into a utopian universe where nothing is wasted – everything is recycled, reworked or reused.

Osmond's practice references a plethora of earthly and celestial elements, including clouds, water droplets, wind and topographical configurations. He also draws on current scientific ideas about the microcosm and macrocosm of space – from molecular structure and chaos theory to wormholes. While alluding to techniques used in traditional landscape painting and exploratory space imagery, Osmond utilises contemporary sculptural forms and materials to re-invent our view.

Building molecular configurations from chopsticks or windfarms out of coffee stirrers, Osmond builds up complexity and interrelation from the repetition and adaptation of simple forms. Obsessive and experimental, he transforms the mundane into the mesmeric.