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Leo Fitzmaurice

Residency Artist 2011

Leo Fitzmaurice Leo Fitzmaurice Leo Fitzmaurice

Residency dates: 21 February – 26 March 2011

Otherwise known for his bold installations and sculptures using marketing and packaging materials, Leo Fitzmaurice has for several years collected ‘sculptural happenings’, recorded on his mobile phone. As they accumulate they have become a diary of his visual acuity, an intriguing archive of the serendipitous alignments that can be discovered every day, and a resource for open interpretation by other people.

These images are presented to the public for the first time at Standpoint in the artist studio on the first floor above the gallery. This context is chosen to reflect the experimental and provisional nature of the ‘archive’, allowing for a more open and discursive mode of contemplation, as opposed to presenting the images as a finished body of work in the gallery.

This separation of space allows the images are to be considered alongside the more sculptural and object based works in the gallery context. These particular pieces have been made or chosen for this presentation because they are both informed by the archive of mobile phone images, and keep the particular tone of the photographic archive – the lightness of a fleeting moment captured, witty connections made and discovered, slight adjustments to found objects, and arrangements that link object to architecture.

During his residency the following people visited Leo in the studio:

Tomasso Corvi-Mora - Director, Cori-Mora
Donald Smith - Director, Chelsea Space
Jane Rolo - Director, Bookworks
Sally Shaw - Senior Cultural Strategy & Projects Officer for London City Goverment
Tim Marlow - Director of Exhibitions, White Cube
Camilla Brown - Photographer's Gallery