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Thomas Goddard

Residency Artist 2015


Residency dates: 18 May - 26 June 2015

Event: Wednesday 10 June 2015 - 7pm

Thomas Goddard works across design, drawing, photography, film and performance;  exploring place, community, culture and fiction. Thomas looks at the relationship between the individual and society, the role of misinformation through the media and its effects on contemporary culture through the power of suggestibility and misattribution. His work examines the line between truth and fiction; how harnessing public anxieties is exemplified by endless facts and sources in an obsessive repetition through the axis of a modern world where choices are seemingly endless.

For his event Thomas presented An Interview with Thomas Goddard, alongside an exhibition titled Bad Wolf.

(Tom was asked to send some thoughts about his time at Standpoint and the event on 10th June. This is his response, unedited...)

"It is always about a line between fact and fiction. What is the truth? You can't handle the truth! Oh don't start that again...

It's looking at the idea of representing Wales. Flattered.

Realising that getting to any milestone is about an accumulation of help and support, about collaborating it's not just about you. F*ck the idea of genius. That's what Cerbyd was about. Showing the similarities between people, not dividing them. Against the idea of a messiah. Against the idea of eulogising artists and turning them into Jesus. Against the idea of David Bowie. David Bowie was great because of the amazing people he worked with that complemented him.

So I'm working with past collaborators on some of the pieces. The mentoring for Standpoint and Creative Wales is an accumulation of that perhaps."

Thomas received the 2015/16 Creative Wales Award, and as an outcome of the residency he participated in a major solo exhibition in July/August 2015 titled Be more Brando, as part of Uprisings at Mostyn, Llandudno.

Studio visitors included Ruth Ewan, Colin Perry, David Hoyland (Seventeen Gallery), Rachel Anderson (Artangel), Anna Gritz (South London Gallery)

Informal studio/offsite visits included Mike Cousin, Alfredo Cramerotti (Mostyn), Emma Gifford Mead, Bedwyr Williams, Colin Priest, Katy Freer/Jacqui Davies