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AJ Stockwell

Residency Artist 2017


Residency dates: 20 March – 28 April 2017

AJ’s residency provided a reflective moment during her ambitious White Rock project which explores the legacy of the Swansea porcelain industry and its cultural impact by threading narratives around an accumulation of artefacts, materials and fragments of information. Six weeks in a large studio enabled AJ to physically and mentally gather her research and to test out different ways of piecing potential narratives together using experimental methods, including fiction writing, scripted performance and sound. These methods resonate with her interest in how historians speculatively fill in the gaps between evidence sources. Uninterrupted studio time allowed for extensive writing and sound experiments aimed at stretching the fictional possibilities of the gaps between her research fragments through a myth-making reversal of the historian’s process. AJ’s interest in the ambiguity and fantasy at play in historical narrative also connects with her life-long connection to oral and non-verbal retellings, particularly the way that working class culture traditionally translated personal experience into dances and folk songs.

Studio visits
Phoebe James and Sam Collins – Artangel.
George Vasey – Curator
Katrina Palmer – Artist
Anne Hardy – Artist
Jonathan Baldock – Artist

Informal studio/offsite visits
Helen Nisbet – Cubitt
Alistair Gentry – Artist (residency accommodation host)
Teresa Grimes – Tintype


Fadic Rock event footage: