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Darren Nixon

Residency Artist 2018

Residency dates 8 January - 16 February 2018

Darren Nixon experiments with how painting operates in an expanded field – particularly how it operates within the site-responsive sets and constructions he builds, and how it bumps up against and overlaps with other practices. He is fascinated by the resilience of painting, as it shrinks, morphs then flourishes amid the flux and proliferation of digital image making.

Recently his work has focused on painting’s relationship with the screen. By creating sets of painted objects whose explicit purpose is to address the camera, Darren looks at ways in which the mediated experience of the artwork can offer something different to direct encounter with an installation. This also involves thinking about the artist as performer within the site-responsive sets and constructions he builds. These moving image works also question how time folds through these more-or-less-lived experiences.

For his Standpoint Futures residency Darren is building a site-specific installation for Studio 4, which during the six weeks will act as labile stage-set / experiment-lab for performance and movement to camera. Interested in movement practices aligned with the non-dance of Jerome Bel and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, he seeks to use his time in Chisenhale to expand his language of movement and its place within his work.

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