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Simon Bayliss

Residency Artist 2017


Residency dates: 23 January - 2 March 2017

Simon explores identity and what it means to be both ‘rural’ and queer. He attempts to queer, and make contemporary, rural themes such as landscape painting and slipware pottery. He also collaborates with artist Lucy Stein as BLISS (Bayliss & Stein), and has recently set up the ‘Artist Tea Towel Company’. Simon is based in Cornwall.

Studio visits
Rozsa Farkas – Director, Arcadia Missa
Philida Reid – Co-director, Southard Reid
Will Jarvis – Co-director, The Sunday Painter
Clare Barlow – Curator ‘Queer British Art’, Tate Britain
Marc Camille Chaimowicz, Artist

Informal studio/offsite visits
Paul Luckraft –  Curator, Zabludowicz Collection
Beth Greenacre – Director, Rokeby Gallery
Tyler Woolcott - Rowing Projects (meeting in April)
Francesca Anfossi – Director, Rochester Sq
Sian Dorrer – Artist
Various Artists and Curators associated with the Zabludowicz Masterclass programme.

Public Event Thursday 2 March 8-10pm

Pop Morphosis event footage:

Simon Bayliss interview: